WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A local judge shared some new insight on how electing judges across the country has changed.

Electing judges is a bit of a different process today than what it used to be. 

Judge Ron Wilson spoke about how the election process has changed for the better.

The election used to consist of judges running for the primary election and then being nominated for the general election.

Now, judges looking to be elected run as non-partisan candidates.

Judge Wilson shared some of the benefits of the new election process and how it might affect voters. 

”Being non-partisan. You don’t have to worry about party support, or you just worry about being able to please the voters. You should not think of judges as politicians. You should think of judges who are going to be impartial.”

Judge Ron Wilson – First Judicial Circuit Judge

Judge Wilson also discussed different codes of ethics that judges must follow when serving a term or being elected.  

The new process of electing judges is one that Wilson says will hopefully persuade voters to vote in a different fashion since there is now no affiliation with a political party.