The bipartisan group was made up of 20 senators, including 10 GOP lawmakers, many of which are strong supporters of gun rights and political allies of the powerful National Rifle Association.

This proposed legislation includes funding for school safety resources and incentives for states to implement their own “red flag’ laws, among other things.

Senator Joe Manchin says for families who might want to come to WV and lay down roots…they are going to look at the school system.

He says they are going to want to make sure their children are safe.

“And I’ll assure you safety for children will be right up there with the quality of the education. Quality education is only as good as the children are safe in their schools and if we’re ranked low in safety than shame on us but this one does not mandate, this one is an incentive with basically grants that help ensure that they administer the laws.”

Sen. Joe Manchin – WV (D)

“I’m encouraged when bipartisan solutions are offered like we are seeing with this group. Now that an agreement has been announced, I will thoroughly analyze these proposals and subsequent legislation once it is finalized so we can move closer to a country where these senseless tragedies do not occur.”

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito – WV (R)

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice also chimed in saying it’s great when any politicians in DC decide to work together to get things accomplished, but there are a few things he says needs to be for sure.

“The key to the whole thing with West Virginians is one thing and that is proper due process. I mean we don’t want invaded upon and everything and people individuals don’t have due process.”

Gov. Jim Justice – WV (R)

This is a developing story, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.