WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s a rare story you don’t hear from most 11-year-olds.

CeCe Rotilio is battling a bone cancer, but thankfully her life’s turned around with the help of blood donors.

Meet CeCe Rotilio.

She’s like any other 11-year-old you know. She plays video games and enjoys being with with friends.

“She’s enthusiastic, full of life, life of a party, happy, giggling always.”

Rachel Rotilio, CeCe’s mom

But her life took an unexpected turn just 4 months ago. She was diagnosed with bone cancer.

At first, the Rotilio family didn’t think anything of it. Her mom, Rachel Rotilio, just thought it was growing pains, but to be sure, they got it checked out…

…only to learn the news no mother wants to her: a tumor had fractured her daughter’s hip.

“You kind of black out for a second. You just don’t realize what you’re hearing. It kind of takes your breath away, especially when it’s your own child.”

Rachel Rotilio, CeCe’s mom

CeCe’s been in and out of the hospital since. She’s received 18 blood transfusions.

And luckily for them, CeCe’s mom says they’ve never been low on blood, even in this blood shortage crisis. So, her mom hopes other families like theirs don’t lose hope.

“The more people that give blood, it would really help so many people out… children from my heart, and that’s where my heart lies because it is my child, but adults as well. Everybody needs blood when they need it.”

Rachel Rotilio, CeCe’s mom

If you’d like to help other families like CeCe’s, just go to the American Red Cross website. There, you’ll find blood drives around you.