Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – After two shut-in summers, 4-H campers now have the chance to open the door to the fresh summer air and opportunities to grow.

Students ages 9 through 18 will put their vacation to good use with WVU’s Extension program at Wheeling’s Oglebay Park.

They’ve restarted their 4-H camp in Hancock, Brooke and Ohio Counties, and will be packing their bags for Camp Russel.

Campers will build their life skills based on activities they choose, whether that’s crafts, sewing, or even robotics.

The reasons the students are looking forward to it are as varied as the activities they’ll be taking part in.

I like a lot of the classes we have, like we have dancing and crafts and recreational games the kids get to play, and shooting sports, there’s tons of different activities for everybody.

Paige Digiovanni, Extension ntern

I really like getting to see all my friends, because some of them I don’t get to see other than when they camp, so it makes it extra special.

Audrey McCord, Extension intern

I’m just excited to do new activities and stuff.

Makenna, 4-H Camper

Oglebay has actually welcomed 4-Hers since 1937—and Mr. Oglebay had it on the property even before that.

Here are the numbers for the extension office if you would like to sign your child up:

Brooke County: (304) 737-3666

Ohio County: (304) 234-3673