Wheeling, WV (WTRF)-It’s a busy weekend for many of us. The 4th of July is around the corner, which means a weekend filled with friends, family, and a firework show may sound about right!

But it’s just another day for our first responders.

Not just for many of us, but the 4th is also a busy time for firefighters. Wheeling firefighters are fully geared up for it. But any day at the station can get busy.

On a typical day like today, Wheeling firefighters never know what the day may turn into when they walk in.

Some days are slow with only 5 calls, but other days, they may have as many as 17.

“It’s just constantly on the move… a lot of cold dinners, cold meals.”

Lieutenant Rick Brown, Wheeling Fire Department

Working 24-hour-shifts at a time, Lieutenant Rick Brown says this place is like home for them, but they keep busy. From running rescue calls to all major medical emergencies, Wheeling firefighters are always geared up.

But the Fourth of July weekend usually hits different.

“It’s always a concern when the Fourth of July comes. People doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Hopefully we get through it, but every once in a while you get a bad injury and it’s a very serious time.”

Lieutenant Rick Brown, Wheeling Fire Department

Lieutenant Brown’s talking about injuries or burns you could get from fireworks, and if you aren’t careful, one firework mishap could escalate quickly.

“They can cause structure fires. A bottle of rockets could fly onto the roof. They run those risks.”

Lieutenant Rick Brown, Wheeling Fire Department

However, all that can be prevented if you keep some things in mind.

“Just be safe. Don’t do anything silly. Fireworks are dangerous.”

Lieutenant Rick Brown, Wheeling Fire Department

He wishes everyone a Happy 4th, but, above all else, he says be safe.

Lieutenant Brown also says if you do use fireworks, use them lightly and don’t hold them.