Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – With face covering requirements popping up again, you may find yourself keeping a mask in the car.

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But while that rearview mirror is a tempting place to hang it, it could actually block you from seeing dangers on the road.

From signs to pedestrians to animals, AAA says there could be up to 200 different situations to react to per mile.

So hanging a mask on your mirror means you’ll miss some of them, and potentially put another driver or yourself in harm’s way.

AAA says you should remove anything blocking your view of the windshield.

And unfortunately, that means those fuzzy dice have to come down too.

You want to have your full field of vision, and that means stickers on the windows, things hanging from the mirrors, handicap placards, the dice, the rosaries, the parking placard for where you work, even.

Jim Garrity, Director of Public Affairs, AAA East Central

Thankfully, cars have many convenient spots for storing items while driving.

You can put masks in the center console, the glove box, or even the back seat if you don’t have any passengers.

Garrity says that with school starting again and more deer wandering into the roadway, that extra visibility could be what keeps you and others safe this fall.