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At Epic Restoration, they say disinfecting is vital

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At Epic Restoration, they say disinfecting is vital.

But it doesn’t last forever.

Unfortunately it is only disinfected until it is recontaminated by somebody else coming in, coming into that area.

They say many products need to stay on the surface….for a specific “dwell” or “kill time.”

So read the directions.

Epic Restoration owner and general manager Chris Fogle says we shouldn’t rush back to our favorite businesses until we ask them point-blank….what they’ve done.

What have they done as far as disinfecting? And what are they going to do moving forward? Do they have something, a weekly disinfecting?

A daily disinfecting?

Epic Restoration is contracted to sanitize the OVRTA buses every week.

From front to back, all the seats, all the rails.

They’ve sanitized health care facilities, nursing homes and industries….in the wake of COVID 19 cases.

Fogle says a professional cleaning team knows their product and how to use it….and they have specialized equipment, like this stera-mist system that disinfects by Hydroxyl radicals–more of a gas than a liquid.

And…He urges us to continue all the precautions we’ve learned in the past five weeks.

It’s very difficult for me not to shake somebody’s hand. I’ve been taught since I was a small boy that a good firm handshake is how you greet somebody.

He says cautious behavior is an important part of staying healthy.

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