Bethany College is searching for athletes to participate in its first ever Special Olympics Field Day.

The event will be held Sunday, September 8th at the Thomas Phillips Johnson Health and Recreation Center. People with special needs, of all ages, will be taught the basics of soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, cross country and more.

If you’re worried about expenses, there is no cost to take part and participants will get a free t-shirt.

This was important to me because I was diagnosed with Aspberger’s Syndrome in first grade and it was a secret I held on to for a really long time. Coming here and being in this community at Bethany, I just felt that I had the confidence and the people to support me. That I could come out with my diagnosis and it wouldn’t change anything.

Allison Paxton, Organizer

“She came to me and said ‘can we start a new tradition?’ That was the first question she asked me. I asked her, ‘what is it?’ She said Special Olympics. I said let’s do it.”

Sam Goodge, Director of Student Activities

The Special Olympics Field Day is being organized by Bethany College sophomore Allison Paxton, who is on both the soccer and track and field teams.