WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — As we enter spring and summer, scientists in several fields–from public health to pest management–are making the same prediction.
It’s going to be a bug-intensive season.

Specifically they believe ticks and mosquitoes could be more prevalent than ever before.

Health officials say tick-borne diseases, especially Lyme, are on the rise, and mosquitoes carry a number of diseases including West Nile Virus.

There are no vaccines for these diseases, so prevention is key.

“For Lyme especially, it’s being carried or the tick is being carried on the backs of deer. And as they come closer into our yards, that’s when those ticks are going to be falling off and then we’re picking them up. One of the best ways to stop the encroachment of the deer or other animals, stop ground feeding.”

Howard Gamble, Ohio County Health Department

He says don’t put food out for the deer or raccoons.

And make sure your pets are protected with a flea and tick preventive product.

To prevent mosquitoes, Gamble says to eliminate all standing water.

Whether it’s an unchlorinated wading pool, a bird bath or even a flower pot, don’t let any water collect and stand on your property.

The Ohio County Health Department will again be collecting ticks and mosquitoes, using traps in wooded areas.

Also area veterinarians will be collecting ticks from their patients and submitting those ticks to the health department for testing.