Could a 4-day work week be good for both employees and employers?

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Wheeling, W.Va (WTRF) – A four day work week may sound farfetched, but we are finding that it could increase productivity and mental health. 

Psychologist Dr. Trisha Bailey said it would do just that. 

“They are finding that it leads to less sick time, more productivity in the workforce, and better satisfaction overall with their jobs.” 

Dr. Trisha Bailey – Psychologist

Some debate whether that means four, ten-hour days, or if we would just take off one day off and have four- eight hour days. 

Bailey said it should not be a 4 day, 40 hour work week. 

“That’s not what the four day work week was meant for.  That was means for basically doing your 8 hour job in four days, rather than doing 5 days of work.” 

Dr. Trisha Bailey – Psychologist

The ten hour days could actually do just the opposite. 

“If you’re stressed out at your job and you’re doing already 10 hour work days and maybe they want you to do 12 hour days, that’s pretty demanding on an individual.  Both mentally and physically.” 

Dr. Trisha Bailey – Psychologist

Financial Advisor Jason Haswell said it would likely give a boost to the economy. 

“I think it encourages people to get out and do more.  I think spending would go up a bit.” 

Jason Haswell – Financial Advisor

With the extra time, people would end up spending more of their money. 

“People are going to travel more, give them more time with their families.  It’s going to give them the ability to go out and do more things with their families.” 

Jason Haswell – Financial Advisor

Haswell said he believes this creates a better work environment, which leads to better production, and the dominoes keep falling from there.  

“Which then in turn, creates better earnings and companies doing better overall.  Happier workforce always makes for a more profitable workforce.” 

Jason Haswell – Financial Advisor

Before the pandemic some ideas like this were thought to hurt production, but it was just the opposite.   

“People working at home through COVID, production levels have actually gone up significantly.” 

Jason Haswell – Financial Advisor

Overall, a four day work week could be effective because it simply gives us more time. 

“You need some downtime to take care of yourself.” 

Dr. Trisha Bailey – Psychologist

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