Doctor says Daylight Savings is a front, most definitely not saving us from mood swings

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A Wheeling Hospital doctor is calling Daylight Savings a sham and your body might concur.

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December 25 2021 12:00 am

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — While your ovens still might not have made the jump, we sure all switched back our clocks and now your body might be yelling at you for it! 

Many people are now starting their workday before the sun is up and by the time they get home, daylight is already gone. What a ripoff!

This time of year, Wheeling Hospital sees an increase of 10 percent for mood disorders, an increase in motor vehicle crashes, and some data even suggests an increase in heart disease. 

Our mood, appetite, cardiovascular system, and our thinking are all impacted… All for what? 

Only a simple mind would believe you can cut a foot off the top of the blanket, sew it to the bottom of the blanket and have a longer blanket. And that’s the story of Daylight Savings Time. What we need to remember is the body synchronizes itself with the wake-sleep cycle and the amount of light in the day. And we de-synchronize that when we so-called fall back.

We think we get more sleep but not necessarily. Our circadian rhythms remain the same.

Dr. Clark Milton, Medical Director of Corporate Health, Wheeling Hospital

While the clocks insist on changing, Dr. Milton says the best thing you can do is not change your routine. 

Get up and go to bed at the same time, avoid caffeine and continue the exercise. 

Also, soak up what little sun there is, even if it means sitting in front of a window. 

We lose about two minutes of daylight a day until the solstice in December. That’s a total of 6 hours less light than the summer solstice in June. Dr. Milton says we’re seeing 9 hours of light, verses 15 in the summer. 

Sitting in the dark, it’s no wonder why we’re moody, grumpy and fatigued! 

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