BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) The Ohio State Highway Patrol is in the midst of an initiative specifically targeting impaired driving.

They say last Saturday, they conducted a sobriety checkpoint in Belmont County, and they discovered what the statistics have already shown—there’s a lot of impaired drivers out there.

They say 1,100 drivers went through their checkpoint.

They pulled over 48 of them for various reasons.

Twelve were arrested for driving impaired—either by alcohol or drugs. And this year’s fatalities bear out that same trend.

They say it’s a common occurrence, especially in the summer.“There are a lot of alcohol-related incidents and crashes,” said Lt. Maurice Waddell, OSHP post commander in Belmont County.

“We’re sitting at 11 fatals right now. And 72 percent of those fatals are caused by alcohol and/or drugs. So we just want to keep pushing this message: to designate a driver, and have a safe trip.”

Those 11 fatals were just this year so far.

Saturday’s checkpoint turned up some other things as well.

Four drivers were cited for drug possession, another four for driving with a suspended license. And one ended up with a felony drug offense.

The campaign began August 14 and runs through September 2.