GLEN DALE, W.Va. (WTRF) – WVU Reynolds Memorial Hospital is ready to improve surgery patients’ quality of life and recovery time, with the help of a robot with a friendly name.

This week they introduced Rosa, a machine to help doctors with orthopedic operations.

It allows them to simulate their plans for the surgery before the patient ever enters the operating room.

The technology has been used on thousands of people, but is still out of reach for many other hospitals.

Staff says the goal is to make knee replacements less painful and return their patients to an active lifestyle more quickly.

It takes a little bit longer on a case by case perspective, but the results the patient sees on the outcomes is much, much better and much improved.

Douglass Harrison, President and CEO, WVU Reynolds Memorial Hospital

And it’s extremely promising as far as patients having less post-operative pain, patients having a faster rehabilitation course and overall just better results.

Mike Scheel, Orthopedic surgeon

Harrison says it’s been on the surgeons’ wish lists for a couple of years.

He calls it part of their effort to reinvest the hospital’s success into new and effective technology.