A former West Virginia Senator recently posted a picture to Twitter showing a text he sent to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Low income people would use money on drugs and sick time to go hunting Manchin allegedly says in report

Richard Ojeda shared to social media a text message that he sent to Sen. Manchin.

The text says

Hahaha. You really screwed up this time. You want people to think that it was over a phone call that made you kill the BBB Act. Because one’s person’s daughter was buying drugs with child tax credit??? You have been in politics for 40 years (Professional Bulls*** Artist) and you mean to tell us that you have never once heard people using welfare to buy things that were not authorized. Do you remember food stamps? $40 worth of stamps= $20 bill so they could buy other stuff??? You are caught being paid off Joe. You know it and so does everyone else.

Richard Ojeda

Ojeda also said Manchin cares about the money he has been getting for decades from the coal industry.

The main union representing U.S. coal miners urged West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to reconsider his opposition to the Biden administration’s $1.75 trillion climate and social spending bill to preserve measures that would have benefited its members.