WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — October 12 is National Savings Day, when we are all encouraged to think about our saving—or spending—habits and how we might improve on them.

Financial expert Jason Haswell says no matter how little you make or how much your necessities are costing, you can still manage to save.

He says if you look closely, you can find some things you’ve been wasting money on without realizing it.

For instance, a daily cup of designer coffee.

“If you’re spending five bucks at Starbucks or Dunkin or whatever, add that up over the course of a year for you and your spouse and we’re looking at an average of $2,600 a year just in coffee that you could put into an IRA or your 401K or into your savings account,” said Haswell, managing director of The Monteverde Group. “Just by not getting that one cup of coffee every day. Maybe get that coffee at home.”

Haswell says to pay yourself first.

Before allotting money to anything else, set aside a certain amount for savings, and make that your priority.

He says if your workplace offers a 401K, by all means, participate.

Otherwise, he says you’re turning down free money.

And he says the one commodity you can’t buy is time.

So the best time to start saving is right now.

Happy National Savings Day!