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How construction is affecting small, local businesses

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WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — When you drive around Wheeling, one thing is hard to miss… the construction. But local businesses and their customers are learning to deal with it, too.

Construction on the water main project is just an annoying part of the day for most of us, but it is affecting the livelihood of local business owners. 

“The streetscapes project will be a little bit challenging to get through, but once its over its going to be so beautiful down here.” 

Matt Welsch – Vagabond Kitchen Owner

Vagabond Kitchen owner Matt Welsch says it is tough, but knows that it is necessary. 

“I see it as like ripping off a band-aid.  I would prefer to not have had the band-aid in the first place, but we cant change that.  This is where we are and what are we going to do with it.” 

Matt Welsch – Vagabond Kitchen Owner

Some people like Mugshots owner Grant Coleman haven’t been significantly affected yet, but are worried about the future. 

Either way, he knows it is for the greater good. 

“I think ultimately it’s obviously a good thing for downtown Wheeling that everything is getting upgraded and beautified.” 

Grant Coleman – Mugshots Owner

Assistant City Manager Bill Lanham says this is a long game, but it will do so much for the city. 

“Long term is tremendous because we’re improving the infrastructure 100 fold. Nice streets, paved streets, nice sidewalks, plantings, and an inviting downtown.”

Bill Lanham – Assistant City Manager

In the meantime, both business owners agreed that the best route through the tough times is with great communication. 

“The best thing that can happen is really good communication about when things are going to be happening and how they are going to be happening.” 

Grant Coleman – Mugshots Owner

“The construction crews have done their best to work with us.” 

Matt Welsch – Vagabond Kitchen Owner

The construction is not going anywhere soon, so that is even more reason to support local businesses.  

“We really need people to understand that it is challenging but you can still get in here.  You can still support these local businesses.” 

Matt Welsch – Vagabond Kitchen Owner

With the ongoing construction, it is more important than ever to support local businesses.  So grab some food, a drink, or even a smoothie.

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