STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – Whether from the right or the left, the fight over gun laws is hitting us from all directions.

Shootings have dominated headlines and conversations since the attacks in Uvalde and Buffalo, with lawmakers rushing to pass new legislation at the urging of President Biden.

And the aftershocks aren’t just being felt in the halls of Congress—they filter right down to small gun shops like Powers Defensive Tactics in Steubenville.

There’s a lot of worry about the way the Biden Administration is doing things. We’ve changed some of our policies.

Bill Powers, Powers Defensive Tactics

Bill Powers says he’s had to be extra cautious following the changing rules in different states, and will work to comply with the Senate’s new bill as well.

Among other things, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act expands background checks on 18- to 21-year-olds, and will keep those with a domestic violence conviction against a dating partner from buying a gun.

While Powers says he personally opposes some of the provisions, he can see why some of the Republican senators voted for it.

There’s more to the bill than just the red flag laws. There’s a lot of mental health money there, which is desperately needed.

Bill Powers, Powers Defensive Tactics

Meanwhile, the nation’s top judges released a decision yesterday striking down a New York gun law.

The state can no longer require those looking for a concealed carry permit to present a need to do so.

Powers says he expects the ruling to stretch far beyond the Empire State, and force more gun-restrictive areas to issue permits to those who have done the training.

With the Supreme Court decision affecting New York, I think it’s going to really affect handgun sales in the positive, it’s going to really push sales up nationwide.

Bill Powers, Powers Defensive Tactics

For those on the fence about arming themselves, he says the first and best step is to get familiar with guns.

Stores like his offer courses including concealed carry that will teach you the basics on firearms, even as the environment around them becomes more and more uncertain.

Whether you train for me or someone else, get training before you get involved with a firearm.

Bill Powers, Powers Defensive Tactics

Even though Ohio and West Virginia both have constitutional carry, Powers says applying for a CCW is still a smart move, and will allow you to carry in dozens of other states.