OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Film officially starts rolling Tuesday for the locally produced movie ‘How To Tie A Tie.’ But, there’s one last step before actors can take to the screen.

Everyone must have a negative COVID test before stepping onto set.

‘How to Tie a Tie’ Director Shawn Holmes is hiring professional actors from the ‘Screen Actors Guild.’  This union requires actors across the country to be COVID tested twice during production. 

Sponsor, Roxby Development, is paying for the tests. 

In the era of a pandemic, you could say COVID testing and rehearsing lines now go hand-in-hand, counting down the hours to production. 

The first day of shooting starts Tuesday in Brownsville, PA in a unique spot.

“It’s called Maria’s Lovers House. It was in a 1980’s movie called Maria’s Lovers. So, a movie has already been shot there. We’re very excited to be following-up with that tradition and shooting movies in this really cool house.” 

Shawn Holmes, Writer and Director of ‘How To Tie A Tie’

Roxby Development is also hosting the film premiere on Saturday, January 29.  

You might be wondering what ‘How To Tie A Tie’ is all about… Head here for the details.