I feel like this is the beginning of the government taking away all of our rights.

Aliana Hawthorne, St. Clairsville

After the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, many people are fearful for the future of their rights here in America.

In Wheeling, a group of protestors have gathered at Lowe’s on Chapline Street to march through the city to make their voices be heard.

People from all over the area met today in support of the My Body – My Business Rally & Protest that made its way through the city of Wheeling today.

Whether it was out of fear of the unknown, or from personal experience—

I have a 13-year-old daughter who is on the spectrum and has intellectual disabilities. If she were to get pregnant, she wouldn’t even be able to comprehend what’s going on with her body, let alone if she was forced to have the baby and I just think that every woman should have that right.

Casey Dye, Williamsport, PA

The organizer of this rally says that their goal is not only to fight for women’s reproductive rights, but to also spread awareness for abortions amongst trans women, victims of sexual abuse, and to show support for minorities.

And the change they are looking for?

If they were actually pro-life, we would have universal healthcare right now and abortion – we wouldn’t even be here right now because that’s healthcare.

Casey Dye, Williamsport, PA

They marched through Wheeling, stopping at places like the Police Department, The Intelligencer, and the Courthouse, to relay their message that they chanted loud and proud.

Police cars did help the protest move through traffic this afternoon, as they began their route at Lowe’s on Chapline Street.