A post going around social media made by an Ohio County mother shows that the parents of a 6-year-old boy are upset with Warwood Elementry School.

Katie Morris along with the child’s dad Samuel Zane say their son left the school without anyone noticing he was gone.

The parents say their child went past the school’s office to the front doors and made it halfway up Cherry Hill until a stranger picked up the child and called the police.

The child was not harmed.

Both Katie and Samuel decided to release a statement to 7News regarding the incident

” We had a meeting at Warwood school today, 1-5-22. It was with my children’s father, the principal, the cop that works at the school, a lady from the board of education, and myself. The principal gave us a timeline of when everything took place. Just as a reminder my son is 6 years old, in kindergarten. My son went to the restroom completely unattended at 11:00. At 11:07 he is seen on their cameras walking out of the front door. Not one adult noticed him. He walked right past the office to get out of the front doors. I would also like to add, that my son has never done anything like this before or even tried, he later told me that the reason he left school was simply that he was sad about a relative passing away and he wanted me, his mother. My child made it halfway up Cherry Hill, with no coat, no hat, and no gloves. He was freezing. The lady who picked my son up called the police at 11:35 and he was not brought back to school until almost 12:00. It wasn’t until after that, that I received a voicemail from the principal. In the voicemail, he stated that there was no emergency, but I needed to call him back when I could. Not one person in that school knew my son was even gone until that woman called the police. There is also an aid in the classroom. That’s two teachers who failed to realize my son never returned to class. Two teachers, a police officer, office staff, and the principal. Not one person knew my son walked out of those doors. It is truly a miracle no harm came to him. Warwood School failed my child and did not keep him safe. The only thing that the principal kept saying was, “I’m sorry”. I’m sorry doesn’t cut it. This is completely unacceptable and something needs to be done about this. Those teachers should no longer have a job, and they all need to be held responsible. I also have a daughter that was in the same class. They both will no longer be returning to that school, and now they both have to adapt to a new school because of the negligence of the people who were supposed to keep them safe. For every other child’s sake that attends Warwood School, I hope dramatic changes are made.”

Katie Morris and Samuel Zane- Parents of the 6 year old

7News reached out to Ohio County schools regarding the incident and they provided the following statement

The school system is aware of an incident that occurred on January 4, 2022, at Warwood Elementary School. Specifically, a student left the school and was observed by a passing driver who then called law enforcement. Fortunately, the student was unharmed. The school system takes seriously its responsibility to protect the students in its schools throughout the school day. The first thought is always student safety, but now the school system must determine what went wrong and what measures are needed to ensure this never happens again. Clearly this incident is unacceptable and there are no acceptable explanations that the system can provide to the student’s family. This review process began immediately, and we anticipate implementing future safeguards at the conclusion of the process to ensure this never happens again. 

Ohio County Schools

The original Facebook post that has been shared over 400 times can be seen below