MARSHALL COUNTY W.Va. – (WTRF) The Ohio Valley Oil and Gas Association held a “Members Speak Out” event on Wednesday. About 50 members and nonmembers gathered to learn more about the oil and gas industry and the people within it.  

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The OVOGA is focused on advancing local businesses and organizations as they try to service and supply the oil and gas industry. 

The organization has several goals, one being to support oil and gas production and distribution using locally based businesses and employees.  

OVOGA President, Jim Milleson says the Ohio Valley is currently doing about 38% of North America’s production of natural gas. 

Basically, anything we use, the microphone you’re holding, the shoes that I’m wearing, the tires on the cars, a lot of Petrochemical-based products that we use every day that we don’t realize we use them and how important it is.

We feel that this has been 12 to almost 14 years now to play in the Valley. We think it’s going to last another 60- 70 year, probably longer. 

Jim Milleson, President, OVOGA

Milleson says this event allows professionals from a variety of businesses to meet and discuss their involvement and the impact it has on their work.