PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WTRF) – One hundred 45 thousand.

That’s how many people are expected to come through the Steel City between now and next Tuesday, as its airlines prepare for an increase over even last year’s numbers.

That’s translated to canceled flights around the country and lots of time spent in airport chairs.

Pittsburgh’s airport says they’ve kept things relatively smooth for their passengers, but unfortunately there won’t be any way to get around the waiting.

Just be prepared for long lines, you want to have a little bit of patience, especially during a heavy travel time like this one.

Matt Neistein, Communications Manager, Pittsburgh International Airport

However—waiting around is still preferable to the stress of being late for a flight.

That’s why it’s still recommended to arrive two or even three hours before your scheduled departure time, especially when lines like these are guaranteed.

There’s even a more efficient way to stay updated than constantly checking those blue screens.

Technology is going to be your very best friend, so make sure you download the airlines app, and often for those text messages, so you can have real-time updates in case you have cancellations or changes to your flight.

Tiffany Stanley, Spokesperson, AAA East Central

And here’s a pro tip if you’re traveling with children.

A lot of families are traveling this weekend, right? So waiting in those lines, waiting at the gate, things like that, kids can get a little antsy, bring some snacks for your kids.”

Matt Neistein, Communications Manager, Pittsburgh International Airport

So you want to be prepared for anything, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily run into problems.

The passengers we spoke with didn’t have any hiccups in their flight plans.

We flew three weeks ago, and it was terrible. It took us about three extra days to get home. But today, so far so good.

Linda Cortez, Traveling from New Orleans

So do a little research ahead of time, pack some extra patience, and be kind to the staff—that 4th of July get-together wouldn’t be possible without them.