OHIO VALLEY (WTRF) – They say dogs are a man’s best friend.  

“We have. There’s been people out of work for two, three months now and that’s a perfect time to get a dog. It takes 2-3 months to get used to you and your house environment to be trained, I mean there’s just so much of a process with getting an animal from a shelter,” said Brandon Henry, the Director of the Marshall County Animal Shelter. 

Many local animal shelters have seen a rapid increase in pet adoptions since the start of the pandemic. 

“An animal can help you cope if you’re by yourself and you’re tired of being by yourself, you have dogs, cats, they can give you a playmate and you can have some fun. It’s just a good idea to get a dog and it’s a good idea to get one from a shelter because they need you just as much as you need them,” said Henry.  

Here in Marshall County, there have been 42 cat adoptions and 54 dog adoptions just like Honey Bee here in the past month and nationally pet adoptions have spiked by 700 percent. 

“It makes us very happy. All of the employees here are happy and thrilled about it. I mean not every day you get to go work and see 4-5 dogs adopted, 2-3 cats adopted.” 

The local animal shelters work hard to ensure that those adopting will make good owners. But having a pet takes a long of dedication.  

“With the virus we’ve noticed there was some people that were looking for something because they were sitting at home. But at the other hand some people didn’t look ahead because it’s a commitment,” said Lisa Williams, the Belmont County Animal Shelter Dog Warden. 

“By the end of the travel ban people realized they didn’t have time for them.” 

Pets adopted during quarantine have certainly gotten used to endless attention from their owners. However, with businesses starting to reopen, Brandon has some advice. 

“When you get done with work, take it for a walk, play fetch with it, just take it out and spend some time with it. Honestly your animal got used to seeing you, I hope it keeps seeing you. I hope you’re serious about your animal and take care of it,” said Henry. 

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