WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) A main concern when winter weather rolls around is whether you’ll be stuck at home. You may be asking will the roads be clear and what about my driveway?

Well, the winter storms are no match for a local plowing company. Owner of Yensen Landscape Supply, Chris Yensen says they’re prepared for the weather and will be working to ensure you can get to where you need to go.

All we really do is make sure we have enough salt on hand, check the trucks a couple of days before, make sure everything is working properly, make sure all of our crew members are available and on hand.  

We’ve always done commercial snow removal but this year we added some equipment and we’re going to be doing residential and we’re looking for some new customers.

Chris Yensen, Owner of Yensen Landscape Supply

Yensen says it’s always best to plan and prepare for the worst. That way everything goes smoothly.  If you’d like to schedule your driveway or parking lot to be plowed and treated click here.