OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Almost 40 percent of Ohio County residents still haven’t filled out their census forms. And, to make it easier on some folks to get counted, NAMI of Greater Wheeling held a Pop-Up Census. 

The census changes how the state will run for the next 10 years; determining funding for schools, and even mental health programs that the National Alliance of Mental Illness director says many who got counted Wednesday will be directly impacted by. 

And with primary elections recently on our mind, the 2020 Census will determine how many representatives West Virginia has in congress; so, this is another way the Northern Panhandle can be properly represented in our federal government. 

Focused on mental health support and advocacy in the Friendly City, NAMI’s drop-in center was open to help anyone that walked in the door who might be on the fence about giving away personal information. Some community members may be homeless; some may not have access to a computer; and some may have been confused on how to get counted. But now all had resources at their fingertips.

What would be influenced is a lot of the programs our clients actually receive in terms of transportation, in terms of housing, in terms of healthcare services. If maybe you don’t have really good Wi-Fi or if maybe you have questions regarding the census, or if maybe you’re a little anxious on who’s actually going to have that information once you complete the census, we’d love to have you stop by an answer those questions and give you support in completing that census.

Julie Gomez, Executive Director for NAMI greater Wheeling

…. And we can’t forget the free 2020 census merchandise! 

Anyone who came out to get counted walked away with Ts, Chapstick, water bottles and more.