BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – The possible arrival of an ethane cracker plant has brought many concerns to several organizations across the Ohio Valley.

Those issues were addressed on Tuesday by a spokesperson for the petrochemical corporations that may construct the site.

A consistent concern is breathable air and drinkable water.

Those are non-negotiable things to have. We need breathable air, drinkable water. We’re right there with them.

Dan Williamson, Spokesperson for PTTGC & Daelim

Although Williamson acknowledged that plastics proliferation is a crisis, he says PTTGC & Daelim is ready to be part of the solution.

Now, the Ohio Valley awaits an official answer.

Rather than make a prediction of when the project is going to be announced, these companies are working as hard as they can to make that announcement as soon as they can.

Dan Williamson, Spokesperson for PTTGC & Daelim

If PTTGC & Daelim decides against building in Belmont County, Williamson believes someone else will find a home there.

Whether it’s our project or someone else’s project, this site is now being prepared for use. This will be a job site.

Dan Williamson, Spokesperson for PTTGC & Daelim

An ethane cracker plant will still have four to five years of construction following the announcement of its arrival.

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