One non-profit organization is helping in ways that could be life-changing for people affected by substance use disorder.

The Community Impact Coalition and partners are hosting Discover Recovery tomorrow, which will have 35 vendors offering local resources anywhere from detoxification to treatment to recovery.

Organizers says a lot of people are struggling with recovery during the Pandemic, especially since a lot more people are stuck at home and can’t make it to meetings.

“We want to make sure that people know of the resources, that there are resources still there. They are not going anywhere, and that they can get help when they need to.”

Marisa Scott, Project Coordinator

It’s their second annual event, but it will be virtual this year due to COVID.

The event is even offered for not only the people personally struggling with substance use disorder but for the families.

There will be a question and answer part to the event, but if you don’t feel comfortable putting your name out there, you can call (304) 233-2045 for any anonymous questions.

The event is tomorrow from noon to 2 on The Community Impact Coalition Facebook page.