WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Six artistic visions and six different crews, converged to tell their story in film in one city.

The YWCA fielded submissions for its Filmmakers of Color Festival and screened them to cinema lovers at Wheeling University’s Swint Hall.

From travelers’ words of wisdom to a young man’s relationship crisis, local artists gave the audience a look at their vision of life in 2022.

“Ancestors” told the story of an applicant for a job being helped through by his relatives of the past.
The Cleveland-based production company behind it says the Ohio Valley couldn’t have been more welcoming.

We’ve been able to show films all over the world, but to be able to come to some place like this and really be able to interact with people, and you all accept us and accept our film, it’s just been such a great experience, so I just really want to thank this city, the university, Ron, I just want to thank everybody for just letting us be a part of this.

Darren Lorrenzi, Co-director, “Ancestors”

The auteurs who showed their work hailed from as close as Wheeling and as far as Brooklyn, New York.