WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) If you are not too shopped out from yesterday’s festivities and you still have a few people to get gifts for, try shopping locally. 

When you are checking names off your Christmas list this holiday season, remember to shop locally. Business is booming here at Centre Market for small Business Saturday.  

Sales signs fill the windows of shops and community members shuffled down the streets today.

Nancy Haynes, Owner of Redecorate Consignment says they have been remarkably busy and this morning people were knocking on the door before they were even open. Haynes says the support not only helps her shop but Wheeling as a whole.  

It’s supporting our local people so when you’re shopping at a small business, you’re supporting your community. So, it is not like you are just specifically supporting that one business but the whole community is benefiting from it. 

Especially here in Centre Market, some of these small towns that you go to there are a lot of businesses. When you come into a small business, you can go right next door to the business next to it and there are all small businesses, so they are privately owned.

Nancy Haynes, Owner of Redecorate Consignment

Shopper Trena McKitrick says she did not go shopping yesterday but instead decided to look for gifts from the shop at Centre Market. She even says they already took a load full of bags to the car.  

Just came down to support the little local shops here in Wheeling and look for unique gifts for Christmas. 

These shops down here, you do not see anything like it. Anything you are looking for you can find, it’s great.

 Trena McKitrick, Wheeling, WV 

If people don’t support small businesses, cities like Wheeling could lose their charm.  McKitrick is just one of many shoppers supporting the spirit of the city.  

Remember that when you shop local this holiday season, you’re supporting your friends, family, and community.  

Many of the shops at Centre Market also have websites so you can support them from the comfort of your home.