One local community is lending their Police Chief a helping hand when just days earlier tough times fell on his family.

The Adena Police Chief is in a restaurant… full of friends and strangers, but all are here for this one man and his wife.

“They say I touched their heart. I don’t know, but they’re here.”

Paul Carpenter, Chief

Paul Carpenter is no stranger to this community. He’s a husband, father, and Police Chief of two Towns.

But his life turned upside down the day his wife Nellie fell ill several days ago.

“I came home one day. She wasn’t feeling well all day. She was on the couch.”

Paul Carpenter, Chief

All this unfolded early August… Nellie passed out on day, quit breathing, and her husband had to bring her back to consciousness until the Short Creek Fire Department life-flighted her.

“She’s still recovering. She is doing better.”

Paul Carpenter, Chief

All this leading up to the Spaghetti Benefit that even Nellie was there for.

“She’s here today.”

Paul Carpenter, Chief

Police and Firemen, emergency services, doctors, judges, and also people Paul doesn’t even know are all there to support. All the proceeds goes towards her medical costs.

“Somebody takes their hardworking money and come out to support me, that’s what I like.”

Paul Carpenter, Chief

She was in the hospital for four days, but is now recovering at home.

If you’d like to donate, you could go to the GoFundMe page to help support.