WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Car horns and shouts of approval were heard outside the Capitol Theatre Saturday evening, where Tecnocap employees rallied against what they call unfair treatment.

The AFL-CIO joined the workers following the recent layoff of 51 employees, all of whom were members of United Steelworkers.

The demonstration took place as the company celebrated 15 years of operations in America inside the Capitol.

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Those protesting say employees have been working without a contract for more than three years, and that they aren’t able to bargain with Tecnocap’s president.

The AFL-CIO, it backs all workers, union, non-union, we’re here to elevate the plight of the working class. And all we ask is this guy negotiate in good faith.

Sonny Oakland, President, Marshall-Wetzel-Tyler Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Specifically, the workers say that they want a grievance procedure in their contract, and want union dues to be taken out of their paycheck.

United Steelworkers has filed more than 50 unfair labor practice charges against the company.