Diane and Greg Meyers started The Market Vines in 2011, and for the past 11 years they have made it their mission to provide clean and consistent service to their customers. 

Manager of The Market Vines and daughter of owners Diane and Greg – Alicia Manning – says that this is what has set them apart from other restaurants. 

“My mom is always on us about cleanliness and consistency. People want to come to a restaurant that’s very clean and where the food is always consistent. With having that, we have become very well-known.”

Alicia Manning, Manager, The Market Vines

Anyone who has eaten here says it’s the greatest restaurant in America. No literally – the local favorite, The Market Vines, is being featured on America’s Best Restaurants and it’s no surprise to their customers.

“They’ve been here a while. They’ve established themselves. Diane and Greg are well-liked by the community.”

Gordon Longshaw – Bridgeport, Ohio

“I mean, I think there’s great ownership here. The staff is always very kind and attentive.”

Dan Milleson – Cadiz, Ohio

America’s Best Restaurants is a national marketing company that focuses on local, independently owned restaurants across the country, and The Market Vines was selected to be their next feature in a few weeks. 

“They’re going to come in and record us, and what we have to do is pick a few things off of our menu to make and they will kind of watch the process there, and then we’ll sit down and, kind of go over what they’re eating and all of those things.”

Alicia Manning, Manager, The Market Vines

Alicia says they haven’t quite decided what menu items they’re going to pull for them yet, but a few regulars have some suggestions, like the balsamic salmon wrap and the mushroom burger.

The Market Vines works as a family, and Alicia attributes their success story that she is soon to take over to the work of her parents. 

“Back in 2011 when the opportunity came, they jumped on it and took it. With having no restaurant experience, they built this restaurant from the bottom to the top, pretty much by trial and error and I have to say that, growing up, a lot of parents are always like, ‘I’m so proud of my children,’ but I can actually say I’m super proud of my parents.”

Alicia Manning, Manager, The Market Vines

Alicia also says that none of this would be happening if it were not for the support of the Valley.

America’s Best Restaurant’s is coming to The Market Vines next Thursday, September 8th, and the episode will be airing across their social media platforms soon after.