BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)–Wellsburg celebrated the 4th of July with an American tradition, oil can racing.

People have traveled from all over the Ohio Valley to Brooke County for the event.

This year 41 crews came to compete.

Officials say this event has been going on for decades, but this year has been quite the turn out. 

Head Official Fred Marino says he has been involved for 10 years and it’s the best way to spend the holiday. 

It’s our annual oil can derby which had started 1946, it stopped for a few years we started it again 10 years ago. You get a car and we inspect it the size of it. Ages 8 to 14.

Fred Marino, Head Official 

Marino says families and local business sponsor cars and he even helps kids get ready for the race. 

Noah Graham is one of those kids.

He says this isn’t his first rodeo.

He has been working on his car everyday leading up to the derby. 

I’ve been at Fred Marino’s shop all day trying to put new wheels on it get it already for today. This is my third-year racing and I do it just honestly for fun and just to be out here

Noah Graham, Brooke County 

Noah says his biggest competition this year is his friend Parker.  

Although this has become a tradition for some families, there are a few newcomers.  

Bryson Morgan says this is his first time competing. 

I’m kind of nervous but I’m mostly excited because there are some good races I saw in practice.

Bryson Morgan, Ohio County  

He says he loves to watch Nascar so this is the next best thing.  

Once the brake is released, it is all up to the driver to cross the finish line first.  

Fans cheer on their teams as they race down the hillside.  

Two cars race at a time and the winners move onto the next round.  

The winner of the derby takes home the 2022 Wellsburg Oil Can Derby Cup.