WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — She calls herself an open book.

Friendly, West Virginia native Storm Young has always wanted to be a writer.

Although Young has moved away from the Ohio Valley to Georgia with her four-year-old daughter and her military husband, the setting for her books take place in her home state of West Virginia making her feel connected to her roots.

The self-published author just released her second mystery book last month called The Final Secret: A West Virginia Mystery.

Her newest book is about a mystery with hidden treasure, love and betrayal and has already sold more copies than her first book.

Her first book, The Pen Pal: A West Virginia Mystery, is about a friendship-based mystery and is about how far you would go for the ones you love.

Young says that although her story lines are mostly fictitious in nature, she does incorporate her own personal experiences in her books.

She says she wants to encourages people interested in becoming authors to write what they know.

I say write your story and I know it can be very scary because the publishing itself there’s so many different steps but there is a community of people out there including myself. You can reach out to me and I will give you all the information that I can. Truly, if you want to write a story please just go out and write it because somebody’s going to want to read it.

Storm Young, Author

Young said she wanted to publish her books herself to make a name for herself.

The book covers she purchased online inspired her storylines.

Both mystery novels are currently available on Amazon.

Young is just 23-years-old and is already working on her third book.

The expected release date for that book is November 2023.