Charleston, W.Va. (WTRF)- The West Virginia Public Charter Schools Bill, HB-2012 will now head to the desk of Governor Jim Justice after the House concurred with the bill.

The Senate passed the bill 19-14 on Monday.

Three Republicans,  Bill Hamilton, Amy Nichole Grady, and Ryan Weld along with the Democrats voted against the bill.

HB 2012 allows for the creation of ten new charter schools per year, including 2 virtual charter schools.

This bill also removes the County Board of Education as the sole authorizer and creates a board appointed by the Governor to authorize and govern charter schools.

House Bill 2012-Relating to Charter Schools had been amended in Senate Education to limit virtual charter schools to one with no more than 1500 students statewide.

The number of new charter schools was limited to 3 a year for 3 years as well.

This amendment was overturned on second reading in the Senate.