BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — We often hear of people’s pets being seized by the authorities due to abuse or neglect.

But one area rescue organization is having to remove pets for another reason–because their owners go to jail.

In one case, Belmont County Hoof & Paw was called to an area hotel when a man and woman had been jailed, bailed out, then jailed again, all in one night.

In this case, they had two pet birds–a parakeet and an African Grey parrot.

Humane Agent Julie Larish says people don’t understand that when they are incarcerated, it doesn’t just affect them.

It affects their children, it affects anybody else in their life, and it definitely affects their animals. A lot of times this is how we end up finding abuse cases. This was one of two animals we took that weekend due to incarcerations. So yes, if you go to jail and you don’t have somebody that’s immediately taking your animals, most likely they’re gonna end up with a humane officer.

Julie Larish, Humane Agent, Belmont County Hoof & Paw

Larish says the parrot was in a bathtub in a cat carrier so small it couldn’t sit upright or move.

She says its water dish had mold in it.

She says now, both birds are getting good care in a foster home.