Wheeling Native and Rap Artist, JoshfromYNC, joins other celebrity performers LIVE in Atlantic City

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December 25 2021 12:00 am

St. Clairsville, Ohio – (WTRF) Josh Heatherington, better known as JoshfromYNC, is a Wheeling native and rap artist who has spent the last ten years building his brand with a unique style and sound all his own. 

“Anything you do in life you’ve have to be consistent no matter what you want to do in life. If you’re consistent and you put your mind to it you can do anything you want to in this world.” 

Josh Heatherington, JoshfromYNC

Rap is a genre of music that grew out of hip-hop culture, a choice of music that just stuck with Josh Heatherington as a young kid.  

“I came from nothing. When I first started doing this literally came from the bottom not knowing anything, no one, no connections in the industry. I started learning. I started studying the game and loving it and falling in love with it. So that’s really where I came about it and then just my motivation and being consistent.” 

Josh Heatherington, JoshfromYNC

With a sense of power and control, this artist, like all rappers, combine a catchy beat mixing speech and street slang.

Poetry in motion is what fans who like this kind of music would call it. 

“Music it was more pain to me. I lost my grandparents and it made me start writing about music and my feelings and what I was going through so that’s why I started getting into music and then I got into the business side of it. Learning the business, learning the field, learning how to move a certain way, to do certain things and then I just build my connections. It motivated me to keep going and to go hard and never give up, no matter where you’re from or what you do or how you do it. It’s how you impress the people and show a certain crowd that hey this is what I’m doing and I’m standing here and this is what I’m going to be doing for a long time.” 

Josh Heatherington, JoshfromYNC

Heatherington, who has high hopes of someday joining the ranks of legendary rap singers like Cardi B and Kanye and Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, spends hours at South Box Studios in St. Clairsville with Producer and Mix Engineer Chase Watts.

Together they fine tune his lyrics. 

“Josh has been putting the work in doing his thing. He’s very consistent and he’s serious. He believes in himself and that is the most important thing. He has a passion for it and I think that people recognize that. What I see is the hard work that he puts in. There’s consistency. There’s a lot of people who do it and then they get frustrated and then they say I’m done because it doesn’t happen overnight.” 

Chris Watts, South Box Studios

Heatherington will join other music artists live on stage November 6 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Showboat Casino before the star-studded Celebrity Boxing event. 

“It’s about to be crazy. It is going to be on Pay-Per-View too if you can’t make it out to the show on Fight TV. You can download it. You can buy it. You can watch me on the big screen performing live.” 

Josh Heatherington, JoshfromYNC

Heatherington is also focused on another project, this one with the realty show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino Scott who is returning this season. 

Scott is an original cast member and was asked back.

Scott was able to snag a guest appearance for Heatherington who is anxious to get in on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta action. 

“The anticipation is pretty big for me to come back, so me bringing Josh is on is just going to the world and people will know who Josh and to hear his music and it’s going to be pretty exciting. He is very resourceful. A great sense of humor and he just likes to work and his character is always positive. That’s what I like about him the most and he is always upbeat and I noticed a lot of the different artists in Pittsburgh and West Virginia love him.” 

Benzino Scott, Media Executive, Record Producer & Actor

Scott says the sky is the limit for the musician.  

“Really how it makes me feel to be on a national level this is, it’s amazing, man, I get to bring it back to my hometown, my Valley.”

Josh Heatherington, JoshfromYNC

The sky is no limit indeed for Heatherington and no matter where his career takes him he will never forget his roots. 

Anything you want to do in life period. I am just bringing it back to say, hey, you can do it. It doesn’t matter if you are from a small area. I’ve got big dreams. I’m doing big things and I want to bring it back to my area and show them you can do it too.” 

Josh Heatherington, JoshfromYNC

And you can be certain he will always remember that long before he ever called himself, JoshfromYNC he was simply Josh from Wheeling, W. Va.. 

If you want to hear more of Josh’s songs like , Flexxin’ , along with other songs you can watch his music video here (Warning: song has explicit language).

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