WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The jump from sports news to fiction writing make seem far…but Mike Florio has made the leap.

The Wheeling native returned to his hometown as he engaged an audience of hundreds at the Ohio County Public Library.

Florio is the author of a new novel titled ‘Father of Mine,’ a story of organized crime that draws on his childhood in the Friendly City.

In a talk at the Lunch with Books series, he answered questions and covered topics spanning from his memories of Central Catholic to Kenny Pickett’s future with the Steelers.

He says telling stories was a hobby that turned into something more.

“I wanted to write something that had more relevance than just today. Everything I write about the NFL today by tomorrow has to be replaced with something else because there’s something else going on by the next day, something new. I wanted to try to create something that would maybe hold someone’s interest beyond the day that I write it. And once I started doing it, I really decided I enjoy it.”

Mike Florio, Sportswriter and author, “Father of Mine”

If you’re looking to write your own book one day, he has one piece of advice: sit down and do it.