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WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Impeachment—it’s a word our viewers have ingrained into their minds. It’s the talk of every town across the United States, and currently, it’s a special report across the nation. So, how will the impeachment trials on President Trump pan out, and how has it gone down in the past? We break that information down for you now.

Doctor Brian Fitzpatrick is the assistant political science professor at West Liberty University, and he has been following the impeachment trials since day one. At this point, he says it’s clear Mitch McConnell wants no witnesses for the trial, and twelve hours for each side to lay out their case starting at 1 P.M. But the senate hasn’t agreed.

It really depends on the rules that they decide today. So, right now, Mitch McConnel, majority leader in the senate, has proposed that each side gets twelve hours to lay out their case. So, 24 hours total, each side gets twelve hours to lay out their case. The senate hasn’t agreed to that.


John Bolton and Lev Parnas have openly claimed they have new information related to the Trump Ukraine incident, but majority must agree to allow them to testify. Although it is unusual for them to not allow witnesses, it could happen.

Democrats have 47 members of the senate, and republicans have 53. But there are three republican senators, so far, who have said “yes, we would like to see witnesses.


If they did not allow witnesses, it could potentially undermine the process. If one more republican says they would like to see witnesses during the trial, then the notion will pass. Democrats are also saying Mitch McConnell’s proposal for the 1 pm to 1 am trial is so republicans can hide the trial from the public. And although Fitzpatrick says right now it looks like Trump will be acquitted by the senate, anything is possible.

So basically, if three republicans turn against Trump and say “Yes, he did violate the constitution, even though we agree with his policies. He violated the constitution; therefore, he should be removed.” Then it becomes a little bit more complicated because it’s a question of what voters are going to believe and what they’re going to support. Then, its basically anybody’s guess. So, “Alright, is this enough information to persuade voters? Is it going to peel off enough republican voters?


Dr. Fitzpatrick also said that although many are comparing President Trump’s impeachment to President Clinton’s impeachment, he says they’re vastly different, mainly because this impeachment, in his words, is “very, very partisan.”

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