WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – West Virginia’s State Treasurer was in the Friendly City today hoping to spread the word about his office’s newest initiative. 

The Jumpstart Savings Program allows tradespeople, entrepreneurs, union members and those in vocational schools to save money to pursue their skilled careers. That money can be used for tools and other equipment, licenses, certifications and even new business start-up costs. 

It just began on July 1st. 

State Treasurer Riley Moore says that 75% of the people in the Mountain State don’t have a college degree, but many people do have interest in going through apprenticeship programs or other skilled schooling. 

They’re trying to tell us ‘we would like to be incentives in our jobs, in our professions’ and that’s what this program is trying to do. I think it’s very important to incentivize the middle class and the working class in the state of West Virginia and this country. That is what we need to grow here and that is what this program is trying to amplify, their professional opportunities and future.

Riley Moore, West Virginia State Treasurer

After his visit to Wheeling, Moore headed to New Martinsville with money for local law enforcement. 

It came from the state’s unclaimed property firearms auction, which happened at the end of March. That auction raised nearly $110,000 to benefit participating law enforcement agencies.

My office, we’re about funding the police, not defunding the police. That’s something that is really important.

Any police department in the state of West Virginia can participate in the State Treasurer’s gun auction that we have every year and we’re hoping more and more come in. We’ve been raising a lot of money. Tens of thousands of dollars have been going to police departments all across the state of West Virginia.

Riley Moore, West Virginia State Treasurer

$5,000 was presented to the New Martinsville Police Department and $3,000 to Sheriff Michael Koontz and the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department.

The Moundsville Police Department also participates in the program.