One therapy dog in the Ohio Valley is working overtime to ease people’s stress.

Sheba the Doodle goes wherever people might be tense–hospitals, schools, even the Pittsburgh International Airport.

When Sheba walks in, people breathe a little easier and start to smile.

7News Reporter D.K. Wright met her at her owner’s workplace–WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital, where Sheba helps out in the admissions department on a regular basis.

“We had a nine-month-old the one time and it was crying. And she went in and the baby stopped crying. And we went around with them to radiology while they did their testing and everything and as soon as we left the room, the baby started crying again.”

Bryan Terrill, Sheba’s owner

“Sheba is the highlight of all of our days. She is so sweet and she’s helped so many patients and we ultimately just can’t wait for her to work!”

Skyler Vangosen
Patient Access Supervisor, WVU Medicine Reynolds

Bryan says Sheba has the perfect personality for the job. He owns three dogs.

“Our other two would be absolutely horrible! But from the moment we got her, she would hop in the car and she would just lay down and fall asleep.”

Bryan Terrill, Sheba’s owner

He takes Sheba to visit kids at WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital twice a month.

“A lot of times they’ll be on their iPad or something and and as soon they see Sheba come in, they’ll put it down and give her their undivided attention.”

Bryan Terrill, Sheba’s owner

And he takes her to the Pittsburgh International Airport to where the stress levels are often sky high.

“We go a lot of times to the delayed flights because there’s a lot of stressful people there. And then if we see kids, we always go up to the kids because kids are usually first time flyers and usually a little stressed.”

Bryan Terrill, Sheba’s owner

When people look in these eyes, there’s an automatic relaxing of tension. Whether she’s having a moment with an E.R. doctor or dressing up to meet hospitalized children or getting together with the Pitt Paws gang at the Pittsburgh International Airport, she radiates calm.

Sheba also has 7,000 followers on Instagram.

So if you see her, just read her harness and follow the directions.