MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)–Now that school is ending and summer is here, that doesn’t mean learning comes to a stop.  

One local school is using the extra hours to guide kids toward their future careers.   

These middle school aged students are dipping their toes into activities that pique their interest.  

The 2nd annual Career and Technical Education summer camp is happening at John Marshall High School.   

Melanie Knutsen is the career development counselor for Marshall County Schools.   

She says they wanted to get younger students involved in their CTE programs.  

Each student gets to select two of 12 programs available and those range from welding, computer science, firefighting, broadcasting, and much more.  

We peeked inside a few of the classrooms to take a closer look.   

Students are learning new skills and they are having fun while doing them.   

I really like welding and I just wanted to take automotive because it seemed fun. Jason is an awesome teacher. He explains everything thoroughly. I would really want to take welding when I am eligible in High School.

Dylan O’Neil, Student

I’m in cooking and crafts right now and I chose to do this one because I love cooking and crafts are my favorite. For cooking we have made pizza rolls and in crafts we have made tie-dye shirts.

Jessalyn Twarog, Student

If you are a hands-on or hands-off learner, there is something for everyone.   

Knutsen says the purpose of this camp is to allow students to explore new things  

She says hopefully by sophomore year they will know which programs they want to sign up for AND then complete them by the time they graduate.