MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Moundsville is in the midst of a number of construction projects.

A visit to the city building is now a big challenge because there is construction going on everywhere.

The new Moundsville City Building, next door to the current one, will be three stories and 26,000 square feet.

The nearly $11 million project should be complete by January 2024 and will house several departments in one place.

The new city building will bring the fire department and the police department back into the building along with the city hall offices and the water department billing office.

Rick Healy, City Manager

Jefferson Avenue will get an $80,000 makeover by late this spring.

The streetscape was done in the late 90s on Jefferson Avenue, so we’re going to be replacing the light globes. All the benches and all of the trash cans were installed at that time and it’s going to bring a really bright new upgrade to Jefferson Avenue.

Rick Healy, City Manager

The city replaces one playground every year.

This summer, it’s Riverfront Park that will be changed out.

It will be a complete new equipment package with swings and everything at that park.

Rick Healy, City Manager

It’s a lot of construction in one city at one time.

With the construction here and at the courthouse, it does take some patience to get around, but we know that in the end it’s gonna be a good thing.

Rick Healy, City Manager

They have put a drop box in front of the city building, for people to pay their bills without having to go in.

Once the new building is open, they’ll tear down the old one to create a parking lot.