Moms in Motion: What about Dad?


WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Moms in Motion gave quite a few parenting tips for Moms, but Dads now it’s your turn to listen up!

Your role matters, and it’s important. 

It’s more than just lugging around stuff for the nursery and putting it all together because Mom can’t lift anything while she’s pregnant. You can also be the feeder, the diaper changer, the cuddler and Mom’s main support person. 

Know that mistakes are gonna be made, and that’s ok!  

Olivia Mace, RN WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

So Dads don’t be afraid! 

You may not be the one to carry your little bundle, but your bond with them matters just as much. While Mom’s prepping for birth, and baby’s arrival, so should you. 

Mom I’m sure will have plenty of fears, expectations going into childbirth and also during her recovery so, it’s important for Dad to know what she expects from him. 

Olivia Mace, RN WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

It’s all about education and communication. 

What fits their family and how things are going to work and how they want things to work and you can kinda come up with a plan. 

Olivia Mace, RN WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

That mean’s Dad you can and should tag along to that childbirth, feeding or newborn class. 

Dads are always afraid that they’re gonna break the baby. They’re real gentle with the baby and everything so it is important for them to get hands-on experience with them.

Olivia Mace, RN WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

When baby’s here, don’t be afraid to take your turn to snuggle and love on your little one. While the bond with Mom is critical, you want to feel connected with them too, so be right there with them. 

A lot of times the dads will come over to the warmer, or they will help um with positioning for breast feeding, or even if Mom’s bottle feeding they’ll help kinda hold the bottle there for baby.

Olivia Mace, RN WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

So Dad, while it may seem like you hear “hey honey can you grab me this or that” all the time, getting Mom what she needs in those first weeks as she nurses baby is important. 

Embrace your roll and enjoy fatherhood. 

You have this little baby that’s coming into your life and is gonna run your life, but as a family come together and enjoy. Enjoy your baby. 

Olivia Mace, RN WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

Moms, don’t be afraid to let Dad have a little quality time with baby so you can get a quick break. 

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