MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)– There’s a group of students in Marshall County that are going above and beyond when it comes to showing their school spirit.  

17 Moundsville Middle School students worked for several weeks on a class project and on Monday they revealed their work.  

The portrait is done in the style of the famous artist Chuck Close, who painted small squares to look like blobs of paint.  

The students studied his work and then got right to the drawing board to create their own version. 

Their teacher Tabetha Morgan says this opportunity has allowed her students to spread their wings and venture outside the typical curriculum.  

Mr. Johnson from the Stifel Fine Arts Center reached out to me about this project as an opportunity for an artist in residence to come in to work with the students directly and supply art supplies like paint brushes and paint for our students.

I think for them having a different perspective from a different artist coming in, it really helps them to grow and their techniques and their processes and their reflection of their artwork.

Tabetha Morgan, MMS Art Teacher 

She says she is thankful for the Stifel Fine Arts Center for their generosity and the support from the EQT foundation who proved the grant for the supplies.  

One of the students says the assignment brought the class closer together and she enjoyed every second of it.