(WTRF) On June 14, Brad Hassig was swimming with his twin boys and a neighbor in their backyard pool, doing breathing exercises underwater when he lost consciousness.

“I like to do breathing exercises. It’s just, it’s peaceful and relaxing. I love being underwater. I say the lord’s prayer when I’m doing this. It’s a kind of meditation. I don’t remember finishing it,” WPDE reported.

10-year-old twins Christian and Bridon didn’t waste a minute in saving their dad’s life when they noticed him slumped over underwater.

“Me and Sam dove into the water and I got one shoulder and he got the other. And we just like dragged him to the steps” Bridon said according to WPDE.

Hassig was unresponsive as Christian began running to neighbors’ houses looking for help and Bridon began trying to do CPR on his dad.

According to Yahoo, Bridon didn’t know how to perform CPR but remembered seeing mouth-to-mouth in movies like “Hook” and “The Sandlot,” so he mimicked those moves until police and ambulance showed up.

“I first gave him CPR a little and then I started giving him mouth to mouth and then he started like throwing up foam and salt water and like blood,” Bridon said according to WPDE.

Hassig was admitted to the cardiac intensive-care unit and was released from the hospital 24 hours later with a diagnosis of hypoxia, pulmonary edema, and shortness of breath.

“I’m so proud of my boys. I tell them, ‘Remember you guys are heroes’ and I will be grateful to them forever,” said Hassig according to Yahoo.