Space Perspective, the first luxury spaceflight experience company is offering a more comfortable and affordable trip to space.

“If you can ride on a commercial airplane, you can fly on Spaceship Neptune,” said Jane Poynter, founder, and co-CEO of Space Perspective reported WLWT.

Spaceship Neptune is ready to offer people a more relaxing journey to the edge of space unlike the other rocket-fueled experiences in the space tourism industry, reports WLWT.

“When you fly on Spaceship Neptune, you’re going to space at a very gentle 12 miles an hour, so there’s no G-force. You’re sitting in a space lounge,” Poynter said.

Using a state-of-the-art space balloon, the journey lasts about six hours and includes panoramic windows, free Wi-Fi, restrooms, and a bar. You spend two hours rising, two hours hovering on the edge of space, and two hours descending back down.

Poynter says, “The whole environment is set up to be able to share this experience with people both in the capsule on the flight and on the ground,” WLWT reports.

Demand is out of this world, says Space Perspective. Anyone can buy a ticket, the price being only $125,000 per person.

They plan to begin their commercial flights in 2024 which have already sold out tickets but are still selling tickets for 2025 and beyond.