Many say that a Northern Illinois High School student’s promposal has crossed the line and has left everyone in shock.

The moment captured in a picture shows the two high schoolers holding up a sign that reads, “If I was black, I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking you.”

“I think the students should face some type of repercussions, whether it’s suspending them or expelling them for sure not letting them go to prom,” said student Kayla Haynes reported local12.

The photo started circulating on social media with some students saying that it was a joke.

“The derogatory racist remarks in the post do not reflect central three, no one’s values or our standards of appropriate and acceptable student conduct. Actions that go against our values of inclusion and respect, have no place in our schools or our school-sponsored activities,” the superintendent said in a statement reported local12.

According to the Illinois report card, only 2% of students at Central High School are black and students are saying that racism has been an ongoing issue at the school and it needs to be addressed.

“There’s too many situations that happened where kids think that it’s okay now and they know that they’ll get away with it,” said sophomore Ashley Bond.