(WTRF)- An officer on board an American Airlines flight had to intervene and arrest a woman after she allegedly attacked a flight attendant.

Court filings say a passenger followed a flight attendant to a crew area of a plane and began yelling at the flight attendant for not picking up her garbage.

The flight attendant requested assistance from the Victim, who is also a flight attandant.

The Victim attempted to separate the defendant from the flight attendant but the defendant accused the Victim of pushing her.

The court filing says the defendant struck the victim with closed fits and pulled the Victim’s hair.

The Victim sustained scrapes to the arm and cheek, bruises to the forehead and leg, swollen hands from defending herself and a strained neck from being pulled to the floor by the defendant, says court documents.

The pilot of the plane was asked to make an emergency landing, but that request was denied and the defendant was taken into custody at JFK