Malcolm MacDonald, 47, of Norfolk, England, lost his penis due to a severe blood infection and had an artificial penis manufactured by doctors using the skin flap on his left arm.

“I feel like a real man again,” MacDonald exclaimed in a new documentary reported ThePost.

MacDonald was mortified when he lost his penis in 2010 when it “just dropped off onto the floor” after suffering an infection in his perineum.

Surgeons designed a new penis for the mechanic and father of two using a skin flap on his left arm but due to a lack of oxygen in his blood, they were forced to stop the operation and had to leave the artificial phallus poking out of his forearm.

Then according to ThePost, when it came time to move the manhood between his legs the surgery was delayed for six years due to scheduling mix-ups, staff shortages, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020 MacDonald told The Post that he eventually became used to having the appendage on his arm.

“People ask me about it when they see me in the pub, and of course people make jokes,” he stated at the time. “But I get it. It’s not every day you see a man with a penis on his arm. Of course, I see the funny side. I have to. I don’t have any other option,” reported ThePost.

MacDonald recalls in a documentary that when he was out grocery shopping he saw an elderly woman struggling to retrieve an item from a top-shelf but as he reached for the shelf trying to help the woman his penis popped out from beneath his sleeve and nearly hit her on the head.

“It’s something to tell the grandchildren, isn’t it?” McDonald tells the program, keeping a sense of humor about his situation according to ThePost.

However, after six years, doctors finally performed the successful nine-hour surgery, moving the manmade penis from his forearm down to his pubic area.

Blood supply was established to the manufactured penis and Urologists worked with plastic surgeons to make sure MacDonald could have a functioning urethra allowing him to pass urine normally.

“This could be a turning point in my life,” MacDonald said thrilled at the idea of being able to have sex again after medics also installed two tubes to allow MacDonald to inflate the penis with a hand pump to give himself an erection.

“Not many can say they have a designer penis,” MacDonald says while talking about how he got to design his dream penis with the help of surgeons who added an extra two inches to the manmade model, making it six inches in total, reported ThePost.

“My luck in life hasn’t been too good so far, but it can only go bad for so long, can’t it?” he stated. “Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis swinging on your arm? It’s been a nightmare, but it’s gone now.”